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Achim Steiner: working towards a sustainable UN


Moving Towards a Climate Neutral UN: The UN System’s Footprint and Efforts to Reduce It (2015 edition)>>More

Follow UNEP/MAP's example and go GREEN by organizing environmentally sustainable meetings, reducing your operations footprint, and leading by example [ FULL ARTICLE to know more]
UNEP launches its Environmental Management System (EMS) and signs the Environmental Policy Statement- 24 August 2015
UNEP, UNON and UN-HABITAT sign the Environmental Commitment Charter for a greener UN Compound in Nairobi - 5 June 2015
[click to access the CHARTER] [FULL ARTICLE to know more]
GREEN WEEK & WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY (WED) at UN Gigiri compound in Nairobi - 2 - 5 June 2015 Join us at the main lobby for a greener work environment!
[click for the OUTCOME of this event] [click to know more about this event]
The Environmental Sustainability tutorial - compulsory for all UNEP staff - deadline 15 November 2015
The United Nations ICT & E-Communication Study: Options for Reducing Organizational Travel
[Full report] - [Summary]


UNEP/UNDP Environmental Sustainability Tutorial - The movie - WATCH IT NOW AND ENJOY!
SUSTAINABILITY at United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP is the leading agency for environmental issues within the UN family. We aim to lead by example and practice what we preach. Sustainability is the driving force for all the work that we do, and this is also guiding how we do it.

UNEP is Climate Neutral since 1 January 2008. Our commitment is to reduce emissions to the extent possible and to procure offsets to compensate for the remaining emissions. We are working hard to continuously improve our performance, by reducing our environmental footprint, improving our contribution to development and managing our finances ever more effectively and responsibly. Particular emphasis is given to minimizing our contribution to climate change.






A walk around the new UNEP “Green building”>>More

Solar Packs - CNBC Video

New UNEP ROLAC Offices to be State of the Art and Green Solar Packs









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