ICT in a Globalising World

Products and services from theInformation and Communications Technology (ICT) sector are playing a key role in globalisation. Customer bases and services are spread across the world. Factories all around the world produce materials, parts, and devices for export, serving as links in long supply chains that cross many borders. ICT itself plays a key role in the globalisation of the world's other services and industries by allowing 24-hour connectivity, international computer and information networks, and integration of voice, data, and images across time and space. Therefore, the sector has both a special responsibility and a unique opportunity to lead and grow in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible.

At UNEP we are working to develop goals, strategies, and tools to help the ICT sector innovate, exemplify, and enable sustainability efforts by sharing knowledge, experience, ideas, and best practices to promote industry awareness and sustainable growth through education and collaboration with employees, customers, and suppliers. Through our projects and our partnerships, we are designing devices for reduced energy consumption and improving controls on suppliers to ensure sustainability throughout supply chains. We are also encouraging companies in developing countries to join and share the benefits of our work. Finally, we are working to lessen the impact of electronic waste around the world leading efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate e-waste in landfills by promoting cradle-to-cradle approaches that re-use all useful materials at the end of the life cycle.