Law Division

ABOUT Law Division

UN Environment has a long history of contributing toward the development and implementation of environmental law through its normative work or through the facilitation of intergovernmental platforms for the development of multilateral environmental agreements, principles and guidelines that are aimed at addressing the global environmental crisis.

In 2009, UNEP’s Governing Council adopted the fourth iteration of the Montevideo Programme for the Development and Periodic Review of Environmental Law as a broad strategy for the international law community and UN Environment in formulating the activities in the field of environmental law for the decade commencing in 2010. Complemented by other decisions by UN Environment’s Governing Council, the Montevideo Programme is the foundation for Law Division’s strategy and work.

The Law Division team also leads and coordinates UN Environment’s work pertaining to the sub-programme Environmental Governance one of the six sub-programmes organizing ’s global interventions to promote environmental sustainability.

The work of Law Division covers the three highly interconnected areas of: